Imago Dalmatiae. Itinerari di viaggio dal Medioevo al Novecento

A tour in Dalmatia, Albania, and Montenegro: with an historical skecht of the Republic of Ragusa; from the earliest times down to its fall

London, Bentley, 1859, Biblioteca del Senato; British Library; Bodleian Library

Redatta in forma epistolare, l'opera descrive il viaggio compiuto da  Winfield nel 1853 partendo da Zagabria per raggiungere le coste della Dalmazia. Particolarmente interessantè è la descrizionie di Ragusa e di altre città dalmate. 




L'opera non è stata mai tradotta in italiano e nelle biblioteche è presente soltanto nella Biblioteca del Senato.

Itinerari del libro di viaggio
"It was almost night by then we were out of the hands of a rigorous set of custom-house officers, and fairly within the walls of Zara. Here I was informed that the next steamer for Spalato and Ragusa would not leave until Thursday morning (p. 53). [... leggi tutto
“At first, on looking towards the shore for Sebeniko, no houses appeared: nothing but the eternal grey rocks. All at once, a town seemed to spring up from the earth, and what we had taken for stones, &c., grew into churches, houses, quays, stre... leggi tutto
“The voyage to Spalato occupied five hours, through the same style of scenery before, that is to say, between barren-looking, rocky islands and mountainous coast, sometimes sprinkled with vines and olives, or more thickly clad with the low fir and ... leggi tutto
“Leaving, therefore, Spalato for the present, I joined the Lombards in hiring a carriage to go to the ruins of Salona, two or three miles distant, recently excavated under the superintendence of  Professor Carrara, a native of this place, though o... leggi tutto
“We had reached (…) the still harbour of Gravosa, there to pass the remainder of the night, ready to advance upon Ragusa the following morning (p. 95). There was nothing of any interest on the shore at Gravosa, but a Customs chamber and a cabaret... leggi tutto
“Towards the bottom of the Bocca it grew dark and gloomy. At lenght, on a small promontory projecting from a rugged and almost perpendicular precipice between two streams (Fuimara and Sgorgo), which rush out of the rock behind, appeared the town of... leggi tutto