Imago Dalmatiae. Itinerari di viaggio dal Medioevo al Novecento


“Our first stopping-place will be the Adriatic New Castle - Ercegnovi. Here we have a place with a mild climate, a sub-tropical vegetation, terrace upon terrace of the coastal range with fortifications - some in ruins, some still workable, stalking up and up them. We have also a strand, with its yacht-club and its tennis, its rowing-boats and sailing and motor-boats, hotels and cafés, with gardens and terraces. Also, what few seaside resorts have, an Orthodox monastery - the Savina, that is it to say the monastery of Saint Sava. […]. Savina is the summer residence of the Bishop of Kotor. Anyone who is able to be there on the 18th August will have a great time of it. That is if he likes to see lots of ‘natives’ having the time of their lives. In front of the monastery is an oak-shaded Feast and Sports ground, and full use is made of it on the day of St. Sava (pp. 141-142)”.