Imago Dalmatiae. Itinerari di viaggio dal Medioevo al Novecento



“Having reached this coast of a thousand islands and come, as he is recommanded to do, to Dubrovnik, the natural islands to start with are those nearest to the place that you are in: but we will start first with the largest and the most northerly of the three that I have chosen [Korčula, Mjlet and Lopud]. Another reason for beginning with Korčula is that it was, for a short time, a possession of Dubrovnik. The town of Korčula is on the southern peninsula of the island, which almost overlaps the long peninsula of Sabbioncello, at the mouth of the Naretva. There is a spit of low ground between it and the main part of the island. The island has both a pre-historic and a Greek past, and evidences of this past are sometimes found upon it. The Greek determination always to build on the apex of a promontory is further evidence that there is a Greek origin to Korčula (pp. 125-126)“.