Imago Dalmatiae. Itinerari di viaggio dal Medioevo al Novecento


“No one who comes to Dalmatia because he is interested in architecture, can afford to miss seeing Šibenik. It is most easily reached from the sea and it is one of regular calling-stations of the Yugoslav line of steamers. […]. The entrance to Šibenik is a very tortuous one; it is so beset with long narrow islands and with peninsulas that it is almost impossible to see where one is going and where the ship is to find an entrance. […]. When once you have landed and entered Šibenik you are in a very Venetian-looking city. Narrow calli lead through houses with characteristically Venetian doorways or windows. Many of the walls are still thickly plastered with escutcheons, and must be a great joy to the traveller with a taste for heraldry (pp. 103-105).

If the traveller, staying at Šibenik and rather surfeited with architecture, wants a little relaxation, he cannot do better than to make the excursion up the Krka river. It is the river which debouches into the harbour of Šibenik. Like most of the Dalmatian rivers it rushes out of the limestone of Mount Dinara and at once forms a series of magnificent falls. It is a useful river, for, like Rijeka at Ombla, it turns mills and drives a pumping-engine, also like Ombla, to supply Šibenik with water (p. 109)”.