Imago Dalmatiae. Itinerari di viaggio dal Medioevo al Novecento


"After having satisfied ourselves with the remains, and being desirous of making an excursion to Salona, five miles distant, we procured the sole carriage of the place. […]. Salona was once one of the most flourishing colonies that the Romans possessed in Dalmatia, and the theme of many a poet. […]. What is Salona at present? Nothing but the enormous mass of stones points out her former strength, and the treasures daily dug up, her former opulence. […]. On the side near the sea are the remains of an aqueduct and of a temple: under the latter I saw standing under a barn a statue clothed in flowing drapery, of tolerable workmanship, but the head had been barbarously broken off and sold to an individual of Trau. Among the stones piled up to mend the road, grieved was I to see remains of capitals, cornices, and columns, heaped without reserve. The same destruction has been levelled against inscriptions, as they employ them to build their houses (pp. 51-53). A traveller of tolerable research and perseverance might, without doubt, discover at Salona many antiquities of value; (I was shown by individuals many cameos and coins of extraordinary beauty;) but it requires both time and residence to collect them. Most of the Morlaques of whom we inquired produced some traesure that they had dug up; but being ignorant of their value, and considering them with a superstitious awe, they ask the most ridiculous price: those also who are not the proprietors of the soil  are afraid of showing what they find, since whatever possesses any value is often most cruelly wrested from them without any reward (p. 55)".