Imago Dalmatiae. Itinerari di viaggio dal Medioevo al Novecento


"On Monday, July 28th, at about five [p.m.] we arrived at Traù, a town of some magnitude, situated in a small plain which extends from the mountains to the sea, and which, after the barren scenes we had seen, seemed delightfully fertile. Fruit, however, only is plentiful; corn grows with difficulty. The little islands, except Bua, are mere barren rocks.

The city of Traù presents, as well as all the towns on the coast, many remnants of Venetian, but is still more devoid of relics of Roman, magnificence. The porchway of its cathedral displays some superb carving in marble; and the coup d'oeil is so striking, as to cause a disappointment in the traveller when he sees the dingy, cumbersome interior. A kind of mole connects the town with Bua; in the centre of which is a drawbridge, which, when viewed down the channel, makes a picturesque object, backed with the lofty mountains of Bosnia (pp. 46-47)".