Imago Dalmatiae. Itinerari di viaggio dal Medioevo al Novecento

Austria-Hungary including Dalmatia and Bosnia. Handbook for Travellers with 33 maps and 44 plans

Leipzig, Karl Baedeker Publisher, 1905, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

Nella guida pubblicata dall’editore Baedeker l’VIII capitolo è dedicato alla Dalmazia e contiene, oltre a una descrizione di carattere geografico, storico, artistico e antropologico riferita quest’ultima ai Morlacchi e alla foggia dei loro abiti, un Plan of Tour con una serie di avvertenze relative alla stagione turistica (aprile-maggio e metà settembre-metà novembre), ai mezzi di trasporto (piroscafo e treno), ai luoghi della ristorazione (le famose ostiere dalmate), alle lingue parlate (italiano sulle coste e tedesco, serbo-croato nelle zone interne della regione). Rivolta ai viaggiatori inglesi, la guida consigliava il circular tour della Dalmazia, Bosnia ed Erzegovina organizzato dalla Thomas Cook  & Son Ldt. della durata di trenta giorni con partenza in piroscafo dell’Austrian Llyod da Trieste, Pola e Fiume  sino a Cattaro (prezzo del biglietto 91,80 corone austriache).


Itinerari della guida
"Zara in particular is almost entirely Italian, but everywhere else the 'national' or Slavonic element is gradually ousting the 'autonomous' or Italian (p. 291). Zara, Slav. Zadar, the Roman Jader, the capital of Dalmatia, with 13,000 inhab., a tow... leggi tutto
"Slav. šibenik, picturesquely situated at the mouth of the Kerka, commanded by the three castles of Barone (named after Baron von Degenfeld, its gallant defender in 1647), San Giovanni, and Sant'Anna. [...] Opposite the cathedral is the Loggia... leggi tutto
"Falls of the Kerka (Skardinski Slap), which descend in a number of cascades, the main fall, in five or six leaps, being about 130 ft. in height. On the left bank are several fulling-mills (fotatoj, an insect-powder mill, an electric station, and the... leggi tutto
Cascate di Kerka
"From the Lower Mills (small Osteria), we may either walk in 374 hr. or take a boat in 1/2 hr (preferable; 4 K) to Scardona is situated on a hill admist rich vegetation (*Café to the right about 4 min. up the main street). A ferry (10 h.) sets us on... leggi tutto
"[...] once a frontier-fortress, is a town of 1300 inhab. on the slope of Monte Salvatore (1132 ft.); the Franciscan monastery contains a collection of Croatian antiquities. The valley of Kerka is very fertile here. [...] The main road through the ... leggi tutto
"Spálato, the ancient Aspalathos, Slav. Spljet, with 20,000 inhab., the seat of a bishop, lies picturesquely encircled by lofty hills (to the N. the Kozjak, to the E. the Mosor), in a fertile region, on a peninsula washed by the N. side by Cana... leggi tutto
"Traù (Locanda Pastore; Ristorante al Cervo, both unpretending; Café Marina on the canal), Slav. Trogir, a town of 3500 inhab. on an island in the Canale di Traù, still quite medieval in apparence. Almost unique is the Piazza dei Signori wi... leggi tutto
"Salona (*Osteria, not far from the station), the Roman Salonae, the ruins of which occupy all the heights around the bay, now a village of 1700 inhab., most picturesquely situated at the base of the Monte Caban (or Kozjak). The ruins os Salon... leggi tutto
"Clissa, Slav. Kliš (1182 ft.; three tolerable Osteríe, the first by the roadside the best), with 1200 inhab., overshadowed on the W. by the Monte Caban, on the E. by the bare Mosor (Mons Aureus; 4364 ft.). From the firts osteria we ascend i... leggi tutto
"[...] Slav., Omiš, a little town at the mouth of the Cetina and at the base of the conical Dinara (1841 ft.). Farther back towers the Borak (2835 ft.), crowned with the castle of Mirabella, once a notorious haunt of pirates. The neighbour... leggi tutto
"We next touch at (2 hrs.) Makarska (Hôt. Hrvacka), a brisk town trading largely in gran, the capital of the Primorje. From this point (or better from the village of Baskavoda, 6 M. to the N.) we may ascend the Sveti Jure (St. George; 5781 ft.), ... leggi tutto
"Metkovic (Hôtel Austria, at the harbour, unpretending), a little town of 1700 inhab., on the left bank of the Narenta, has been since the Austrian occupation the chief depot of imports for the Herzegovina and seat of the district authorities. Splen... leggi tutto
Porto Narenta
" [...] Lissa (accomodation at Matteo Puhalovic's; Brit. Consular Agent, Serafino Topic), Slav. Vis, the ancient Issa, the westernmost of the larger islands of the archipelago. The town (pop. 4300) lies in a bay (the Porto San Giorgio), strongly fort... leggi tutto
"Curzola (Albergo Europa; pop. 2100), the capital of the island of Curzola (Slav. Korcula), the Corcyra Nigra of antiquity, now, as in ancient times, partially wooded. Part of the old town-wall is still preserved. Tower of 1420. The cathedral of San ... leggi tutto
"[...] Meléda (Slav. Mljet), the ancient Melita, an island with numerous chasms and gorges, the largest of which is the Babinopolje on the S. side. Some of the steamers touch at Porto Palazzo, on the N. side, the chief port. On an island to the W. i... leggi tutto
"Hotels. HOT. PETKA, at the steamboat-pier 172 M. from the railway-station [...]; AUSTRIA, opposite to the railway-station. - Cab to Ragusa in 20 min. [...]. Gravosa (1600 inhabitants), Slav. Gruz, the chief harbour of Ragusa (of which the old harbou... leggi tutto
"HOTEL IMPERIAL, on the Brsalje, with view of the sea, lift, etc., 1st class [...]; HOTEL DE LA VILLE, good cousine; LACROMA, at the harbour [...] - Cafés-Restaurants. Arciduca Federigo, in the Brsalje; Comunale, in the Palazzo Comunale. CABS in the... leggi tutto
"Bocche di Cattaro is the name given to a fjord or arm of the sea penetrating far into the mainland of Dalmatia [...]. Bounded on the N. and E. by imposing mountains, rising to nearly 6000 ft., and more open towards the S., the three different basins... leggi tutto
Bocche di Cattaro
"Cattaro (Stadt Graz, Stadt Triest, Zum Jager, all plain; Dreher's Bierhalle, beyond the drill-ground; Cafè Doimi, on the Marina; photographs at Fr. Laforest's), Slav. Kotor, the Roman Ascrivium, a strong frontier-fortress with 5700 inhab. and a con... leggi tutto